Steels Art

Surrealist Artist

Welcome to "Steel Art"

Welcome to my site, this is where I'll put up most of my surrealism and possibly some Fan Art as well. I will also do some designs on Monster/Creatures. Horror and Darkness is always (or most of the time) the symbolism in my works, since I see it as a unique beauty that people misunderstand.

"Mister President" (ArtWork)

About my Surrealism

I happen to have lot's of symbolism in my works. Either it is about my perspective of Society, Government, people, Emotions, life and more. Although, that is something you must find for yourself in my art ;) Sometimes the name gives some sort of Idea (for example, the art work to the left). I do tend to show it off in a creepy way, but that is life, full of strange and yet oddities. Of course I will never stop making this sort of surrealism for perspectives and views are infinite.

*Most of my art can be disturbing to some, viewer discretion is advised*

Below is my Art Page in Facebook, you can come here (or go to the page) to see what is new.